The Big Idea

The Big Idea about expanding the range of effective, practical support for people who facing up to complex problems and hoping for changes in their lives, by introducing Solutions Focused coaching. 

When a problem-focused expert goes about solving a person’s difficulty they focus on the problem, investing time and energy in analysing it.

But some complex problems defy analysis while demanding action. It may be impossible to assign a cause and suggest strategies to solve the problem.

The SF coach approaches her work by recognising that the strengths, resources and hopes of the client are at the centre of the SF conversation, with the client respected as the expert in their own life. The Solutions Focused approach broadens the field with non-diagnostic, future-focused work placing the client as the active agent in their own growth and development, working in a self-directed way towards their own best hopes and their own preferred future.

Always the same difference  

The SF approach in clinical, therapeutic work is called Solutions Focused Brief  Therapy (SFBT).

Where support is being provided by non-clinical workers in support roles, for example in a wide range of caring agencies supporting adults and in schools, the work is known as Solutions Focused coaching (SFc).

However named, the same simple and robust SF principles and elements of practice provide the structure for the work in all its varied applications.