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    Geoff James

    Good morning SF coaches.

    It’s another Monday and I hope you’ve got the energy to have a go at this site, this week. I can see (I mentioned it on my other login I created to see if this thing worked – with a username 12345 – it’s me!) that many people have had a go and met with a challenge to overcome …… as when we tried to register last week and the server-in-the-sky didn’t like it if there was too much activity for it’s security side to relax and let us in.

    I’ll be posting on here and as you make the site work, get registered, and start to have look at what’s on we’ll be in contact. You’ll see Paul Fragle has written a note – thanks Paul, this is the kind of thing we’ll have on here, no big deal and a big deal too as it tracks our progress and the effects SF coaching will have in schools.

    I’ll ask Eve to email you today, to check what kind of contact we have, then it’s the holidays and a welcome break till September when we can all get into action in schools.

    Summer has arrived today in South Wales. Lovely.

    Thank for all your great work last week.

    all the best,


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