An SF coaching script – Sue Bosworth

An SF c script


Solutions Focused Coaching in (School name)


Name of student:                  Parent/carer:                                    Date                         



Script Response
Set the scene

Welcome; Thanks for coming along today. We’ll be working together for around 15 minutes. Is that OK?

We’re going to be looking forward, finding out about where you are hoping to get to and about what you are good at.


Set the project

So why do you think we are meeting? (ie always in trouble, threat of exclusion etc)

What could we be doing in this meeting that would be useful to you?

(To student/parent/carer) What are your best hopes for school this week/month/term?

What (might)  you notice has changed, when things are going well?


Problem-free talk

What do you like doing?

What are your best things?

What are you good at?

How come you’re able to do that?
What strengths or skills do have that enable you to do this?

What does that say about you?


Best hopes/Goals

Thinking about your best hopes – Suppose things are going a bit better, what might you notice that’s different?

What might change a bit to get you there?

What might you do a bit differently?



Use 1 to 10 scales to describe and record  best hopes/goals, where things are now, where client hopes they’ll be in week/month/term etc . What score would be good enough, so that you’d feel successful?

Scale student, parent/carer, other, separately, to be able to come back to these scales at the Review



Tell me about a time when you were in a lesson/playground, and things could have gone wrong …. And they didn’t. (you could have gone back to the usual behaviours but you didn’t?)

‘I don’t know’. Is a good answer, it tells me I need to ask you different question (It’s a tricky question.)

Suppose you did know of a time when things could have been difficult and you could have behaved like that…….. and you didn’t. Tell me about that.

So you’re a person who could have …… and didn’t, is that right? So how did that happen?



Now we’re going to do compliments

I’m going to give you a compliment

Do you know what a compliment is? (explain if needed)

What does the ‘story’ say about your hopes, strengths, resources?

Now give yourself a compliment!



Reflect back (use scales set up earlier)

What have you noticed is going well?

What’s different? What else? What else?

What have you been pleased with? What else? What else?

Who might have noticed changes you’ve made over the time since you started this work (course)?

What would they say they’ve noticed?

Compliment on successes!



Notice what’s going well

Notice what’s going better/changing a bit