Kindness is the best response to stress

Children and young people are currently struggling with the changes brought about by the pandemic. Many of them were struggling before the virus appeared and it’s likely that things won’t be easier for them, back in school. Many others will have suffered loss and bereavement, and the effects of social isolation ruptured relationships.

When these stresses emerge in their behaviour the established routine of reward and punishment may fail to bring them back into line. Then problems can escalate, with the threat and reality of exclusion at the end of the road.

What’s needed is a straightforward, practical way for school staff to work with these children and young people to get to safer ground, to re-engage in forging their own futures through their own strengths and resources. Better still if it was rapid acting and integrated with a schools’ existing systems.

Solutions Focused Coaching is the answer. It’s a non-diagnostic, future-focused way of working which places the student as the active agent in their own growth and development, working in a self-directed way towards  their own preferred future.

SF Coaching has a simple 7-element structure, which can be learned through a brief online or face to training and part of the SFCiS Devoloment Programme. With follow-up supervision SF Coaches can get into action immediately.

Solutions Focused Coaching is Solutions Focused Brief  Therapy (SFBT), a Talking Therapy, adapted for the school context. SFC and SFBT are in   over the world, wherever people are in distress and in need of structured kindness.