Solutions Focused Coaching in Schools – Early Help for mental health, wellbeing and behaviour

Solutions Focused Coaching in Schools is a highly effective way of strengthening the engagement and behaviour of all children and young people. Taking up this simple approach builds capacity to offer Early Help and preventative support.

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What’s on offer?

Cost effective SF Coaching Development Programme including online training and support and evidence based implementation. 

1:1 individual online SF Coaching 

Online support, SF coaching & supervision for individuals and teams in educational and non-educational contexts 

Policy development & implementation

Putting the wellbeing and mental health of children first as they learn, grow and develop means …..
  • placing relationship, consistency & empathy at the heart of school pastoral practice and policy
  • knowing that children are doing their best even when it might not look like it
  • reconnecting behaviour with learning and good mental and physical health
  • confirming the need for rules & reminders to provide structure for the school community without seeing them as the only route to learning and growth

SFC in Schools – structured kindness for fast and effective Early Help for all children with challenging or withdrawn behaviour

Solutions Focused Coaching is the answer to a long-standing problem; what do you do when children and young people don’t respond to rewards and punishments? SFCIS is not driven by diagnosis, it is centred on the whole child, a future-focused way of working which places the student as the active agent in their own growth and development, working in a self-directed way towards  their own preferred future. Children and […]

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“Children’s mental health services swamped” – what can we do? 

“Children’s mental health services swamped” – what can we do? 

 What part do school’s play in strengthening children and young people’s mental health?  From “Swamped – NHS mental health services turning away children say doctors” “The shocking state of CAMHS care is laid bare in a survey for the youth mental health charity stem4 of 1,001 GPs across the UK who have sought urgent help for under-18s who are struggling mentally. CAMHS teams, already unable […]

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Solution Focused Education – the positive pathway to wellbeing and behaviour for learning

Solution Focused Education – the positive pathway to wellbeing and behaviour for learning

How can we get children to behave properly in school, to take their work seriously and stop messing about? The answer offered by the DfE is to do more of what’s done already. Focus on the bad behaviour you can see, put aside thinking about what might underly it, and apply graded punishment it until it stops. Knowing what children find unpleasant the pain can […]

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School attendance – a complex issue

School attendance – a complex issue

Recently a number of threads have been drawing together, connecting children’s behaviour and their mental health and wellbeing, school attendance, exclusion and the various approaches to supporting and managing these vital factors in children’s lives. One thread is the new DfE drive to “improve the consistency of school attendance support and management”, proposing  teams of attendance advisors, and an ‘attendance alliance’ of education leaders, setting […]

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