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Putting the wellbeing and mental health of children first as they learn, grow and develop means …..
  • placing relationship, consistency & empathy at the heart of school pastoral practice and policy
  • knowing that children are doing their best even when it might not look like it
  • reconnecting behaviour with learning and good mental and physical health
  • confirming the need for rules & reminders to provide structure for the school community without seeing them as the only route to learning and growth

SFC in Schools – structured kindness for fast and effective Early Help for all children with challenging or withdrawn behaviour

Solutions Focused Coaching is the answer to a long-standing problem; what do you do when children and young people don’t respond to rewards and punishments? SFCIS is not driven by diagnosis, it is centred on the whole child, a future-focused way of working which places the student as the active agent in their own growth and development, working in a self-directed way towards  their own preferred future. Children and […]

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‘Stop school exclusions’ says DfEs mental health tsar

‘Stop school exclusions’ says DfEs mental health tsar

The important thing about science is not much to obtain new facts but to discover new ways of thinking  about them  – Sir William Bragg (1862-1942) 21st century behaviour science is presenting us with a wealth of new facts about children and young people, demonstrating the close linkages between their mental health and what they show us through their behaviour. It’s become clear that physical […]

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How does kindness figure in school for the 2020s?

How does kindness figure in school for the 2020s?

Performance is currently the clear front runner when it comes to assessing school effectiveness. Accountability is the keyword, evidenced by exam results backed up by a consistent discipline regime. This was emphasised this month in the English education secretary’s reference to children’s behaving in ways that promote performance, “… if they choose not to do so, then they need to be held to account where […]

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Children’s behaviour; why kindness matters

Children’s behaviour; why kindness matters

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong” H.L.Menken Recently I wrote about the essential place for kindness in schools. In 2021 we have a  mountain of evidence accumulated over the last four decades which points to the need to take into account the biology of kindness in how we respond to children’s behaviour. In the middle of the […]

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