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Solutions Focused coaching is an exciting new addition to pastoral support in schools. Conventional strategies have a limited reach and when they fail, students may suffer. I’ve been using this approach for fifteen years in some of the most complex situations, refining it and adapting it to meet the needs of schools and the children who struggle in school.

Solutions Focused coaching (SFc) cuts sharply across the notion that when rewards and punishments fail exclusion is the last resort. SF coaching focuses on what children are already doing that works and simply doing more of it. Instead of raking over past failures Sf coaching goes straight towards hope, success and strength.

SFc is an educational response to the challenges many students experience, Behaviour is a product of learning and must be approached as a learning issue, rather than as a medical or psychological one.  SFc supports the needs of the school community which flourishes when everyone is engaged and active in their learning.

SFc is a distinctive, clearly-structured approach that promotes the client’s role in finding their own answers.  SFc strengthens children’s engagement in school and prevents exclusion. For staff SFc increases their capacity to take effective action in support of children’s well-being, engagement and attachment to school. Changes are often rapid, enabling students to get on with their learning and growth with the least disturbance, knowing that they can face up to the challenges and they can overcome them.

SFc is well suited to the work of educational professionals and non-professionals alike who support children facing complex difficulties at all ages and stages of development.

SFc is the sister of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, adapted to match the school context. SFc is designed to play a vital role as an addition to existing practice in schools, increasing capacity in schools to prevent exclusion and promote engagement. 










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  1. Andree1111 says:

    As it was almost the end of the year, and having had a very disruptive child (yr 5) in mind that I could try SF coaching with, I decided to set up a meeting with him and his mother before the end of the year, in order to continue with his coaching in September. I am a TA and this was approved by the Head!
    I did this today. Mum seemed very happy for SF to take place and we did a little bit of scaling together. The child in question responded to this so I’m hoping that the coaching sessions will go well in September! I have asked him to record a video diary over the summer for me on his ipad (knowing that this an interest close to his heart), so I’m thinking that this is something we can engage with during our coaching sessions whilst also focusing on improving his behaviour in class!

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